Full Accounting - Multi Location Inventory - Advanced Pricing
Work Tickets and Point of Sale - all in one sweet software!!!

And cheaper than QuickBooks and Sage !

Time for a New Accounting or Business Management System?

Maybe you’re outgrowing your current system, or recent price changes have you frustrated with your current solution. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to efficiently manage your business at a fair price!
Since outgrowing Quickbooks and Sage, we’ve been running this software internally since 2019, we know it works!
We’ll be happy to give you a demo, and show you that we’re actually cheaper than most competing platforms.

License Levels Available

License pricing below is for annual commitment and billing.
Add 20% for monthly commitment and billing.

Honeycomb Lite

Basic Business Accounting
Customers, Sales Orders, Invoices
Batch Invoice Processing
Work Tickets w/ Job Costing
Employee Time Tracking
Vendors, Orders, Bills, Checks
1099 Tracking
Item Volume Pricing
Automatic Price Changes
Banking, Deposits, Checks
And More...

Coming in 2024

Honeycomb Pro

Includes everything in Lite plus:
Client Note Repository
Advanced Inventory Tracking
Multi Location Inventory
Pricing per Location
Assembled Items
Inventory Transfers
Customer Texting (SMS)
Employee Benefit Tracking
Employee Skill Tracking
Custom Dashboards

$55 per user per month

Point of Sale

This add-on requires Honeycomb Pro:
Cash Receipts
Customer Account Charge
Credit Card Transactions
Receive Inventory
Put Away Inventory
Till Management
Customer Returns
Sales Reports

$75 per month
Includes 1 Honeycomb Pro User License

But why did you name it Honeycomb?

I’m glad you asked! The Honeycomb name comes from some of the properties of natural honeycomb.
Modular – Our solution has many modules or cells. These modules are interconnected, and complement each other in fitting together nicely.
Efficient – Our solution is efficient and organized just like the structure of honeycomb.
Sweet – Our solution doesn’t have a “taste” but we hope it sweetens your business management experience.

Special Features

Tickets and Job Costing

Tickets are a central repository for all items and costs, including labor that go into a job. When you're all done, this can easily be converted to a sales order or invoice. We also track progress billing per ticket. Just want to write an invoice? No worries, tickets are not required!

Multi-Location Inventory

Need to manage multiple locations? How about multiple rooms or areas within a building? We even go down to a bin level. With 3 levels of inventory location management you'll always know how many of each item you have and exactly where to find them.

Client Note Repository

You can track information about each client. Record, passwords, serial numbers, vehicle info, appliance information, etc. This is fully customizable by you so your imagination is the limit.

Easy Data Access

We allow you to sort, group, and filter (like Excel) right in our list views. If that isn't good enough you can just export the list to Excel! The ability to save lists as "workspaces" makes it easy to get only the data you need data in your favorite layout.
Additionally, we never hold your data hostage! We use an open database architecture. If you're familiar with Microsoft SQL you can access your raw data.

Customer Texting

We integrate with Telnyx to send and receive SMS right inside our software.

Advanced Pricing

Adjust the price of all items in a category, or all items from a single vendor with only a few clicks. If that's not good enough, build a pricing rule to automatically adjust pricing when your cost changes. Oh, and we do account for units you have on hand for a true blended price. We also offer volume price rules to give price breaks based on volume.


It’s hard for us to list out all the features that we take for granted on a daily basis in our software. We believe the best representation of our software can be gained by talking to us about your current pain points. We’re happy to provide a demonstration of Honeycomb and even explore solutions that don’t involve our software.
After outgrowing several other solutions, we spent years building this software from scratch, so we know full well that business management is not a one size fits all endeavor. We promise to let you know if Honeycomb doesn’t seem like a fit.
Ohh, and there’s one more thing that sets us apart from many other business management systems available today. We store your data in a SQL database that you are able to access. This means you can easily export your data from Honeycomb to another solution if you desire. We work for far too many clients that are “stuck” with their current solution because the process of moving to a new solution would involve countless hours of manual data migration. We promise to never hold your data hostage.
We believe the reason you stay with Honeycomb should be that you like the solution; not that it is too painful to move your business data to a different solution!