We have a mission to give businesses the program they need to stay organized and on top of their Accounting, Inventory, Sales you name it!

We’ve realized a big problem with the business software world and that is One size fits all for example a company’s release one version and says take it or leave not accustomed to your needs. We do not want that for Honeycomb because that is not the case for the real world, we want to equip you with what you need not all this random stuff that you don’t even remotely use.

Point of Sale

Today's modernity we had to include a point of sale. Being able to ring up customers at the register is vital to any business and we wanted to make that offer available with our program with ease and momentum with simplifying the use of a POS system.

Ticketing System

With the troubles of backlogging or collecting information on certain situations the idea of a ticketing system came to fruition. The idea to log the events of a certain scenario is very helpful with long-term growth as you can always look into the past and learn from those scenarios.

Non-Proprietary Database

We wanted to give our customers and those who are ambitious the ability to explore our raw data and even be able to export their data already in Honeycomb.

What is the most important interaction to record? THE CALL companies now a days don’t offer a way to record that call and experience the entire process in one sitting. Honeycomb is changing that we want you to have the full story in one program. Not a service call program and a retail program opened at the same time paying double the cost when you could just afford one.

We even went the extra mile to make our offer more simplistic and cater to your needs with modular choices. What does that mean? YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY ALL THE FEATURES! You can choose which ones you need for your business and not deal with 25 other functions you will never touch. That sounds great when you hear it, and that’s what we want to strive for giving you a program that you need without the headaches.